Places to go, people to see...


To get kimono

Ebay. Annoying as ebay is, it's one of the best places to find used kimono at low prices. Just remember to bring your patience--and possibly someone else's for spare.

Chuu-NY. High quality and reasonable prices. They ship inside the US, so you will pay less on that score. Some nice new items, as well as used.

Ichiro-ya. Consistently high quality used and new kimono, obi and fixings at good prices, and they have a very wide selection.

I-Kimono. Similar quality but much smaller selection. This site is a combination auction/direct sale, read their instructions. Their prices are given in yen, so bring your calculator.

Yamatoku. Again a smaller selection of good quality. Stock turns over more quickly.

Kyoto Kimono. Small selection and higher prices for new kimono. They also sell the various fixings for very reasonable prices.


To get raw materials

Ichiro-ya. Who also have a huge selection of fabric bolts.

Dharma Trading Company. They sell undyed fabric, including several kinds of silk, and fabric dyes and paints of commercial quality. If you want to create from scratch, there's no better place to get materials.

Fashion Fabrics Club. A wholesaler who sells by the yard. Excellent source for good prices on patterned silk.


Kimono Information


Ichiroya Forums. Large, friendly and helpful. Occasionally rather boisterous.

Immortal Geisha Forums. Knowledgable people, in-depth discussions. Look on the Kitsuke forum if you have any questions on that subject.


Kimono. An historical overview by Yoshino Antiques.

Kimono FAQ. Putting on kimono, step by step with pictures. Poorly formatted, but very helpful, especially about tying the various knots and belts.

Putting on a Kimono. More step by step with pictures, by Explains the underthings, starting with the collar, with close-ups. Extremely helpful.


Haruyo. Artistic inspiration, in the work of Morita Haruyo.

Kimono Blog. Real life inspiration, in the form of a picture blog on kimono-heavy events.



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